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Inspirational Naturals

I like to think of going natural as 'becoming myself' (and more!).. I never felt like me or who I was supposed to be.. when I had straight hair. It's more than hair, for me anyway! And I'm happy.. to spread a message that NATURAL HAIR IS AMAZING..


When I started this journey I was at the verge of going bald.. When I see how thick my hair is now and how much of the hair I lost grew back.. it brings me to tears.. I'm so grateful for sticking with the journey and I encourage you to never give up!


Being natural, to me is more than having beautiful, defined curls. It's about feeling comfortable in my skin. Being proud of the hair that naturally grows out of my head. Not stressing because of frizz and not feeling pressured to meet the beauty standards.


It does take some effort to look a certain way, so stop making excuses about time, kids, money.
YOU CAN DO THIS. Take one wash day at a time, and you’ll make it too #HONESTLIZ!


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